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Leonard Baker

Director of R&D

Leonard Baker serves as the Research and Development Director at Maximus Group, a role that epitomizes his decades-long dedication to innovation and excellence. Over the course of his career, Leonard has cultivated a diverse skill set that encompasses the entire spectrum of research and development, making him an invaluable leader in this field. His expertise extends to the development, testing, and validation of cutting-edge technologies and processes for various composite products and aerodynamic applications.​

Throughout his professional journey, Leonard has honed a wide array of abilities, particularly in the realm of research and development. His contributions include the development, testing, and validation of innovative technologies and processes for various composite products and aerodynamic applications, resulting in a significant number of related patents. Furthermore, he has played a pivotal role in designing and overseeing the implementation of production equipment for composite products.​

Leonard's skill set extends to project management, where he adeptly managed teams of contractors, internal engineers, and tradespeople for the successful execution of major projects, including production lines and subassembly cells. ​

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