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JoAnn Olson

VP – Human Resources

JoAnn Olson, currently serving as Vice President of Human Resources at Maximus Group, boasts a career spanning over two decades in HR leadership roles. Throughout her journey, she has honed essential HR skills that have proven invaluable to her current role. These skills encompass HR strategy development, talent management, employee relations, and compliance with HR laws and regulations. Her extensive experience and expertise in these areas contribute significantly to the effective functioning of Maximus Group's human resource department. ​

JoAnn's ability to navigate complex employee relations issues and her proficiency in conflict resolution have fostered a positive and productive work environment at Maximus Group. Her leadership skills and experience in team management ensure that HR initiatives align with the organization's overarching goals. Furthermore, her strategic thinking aids in the development of long-term HR plans that support Maximus Group's continued success. In an ever-evolving business landscape, her adaptability and change management expertise have played a pivotal role in guiding employees through transitions and transformations within the company. ​

In her role at Maximus Group, JoAnn Olson's extensive HR background and proficiency in a wide range of HR skills greatly contribute to the organization's success. Her dedication to compliance, talent development, and fostering a positive work environment ensures that Maximus Group can effectively manage its workforce and align HR initiatives with its broader business objectives.​

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